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Free CDN with WordPress Hosting

New Arrival - The Most Powerful Hosting gets even better!

Free CDN with WordPress Hosting

Make your website even faster with the help of our all-new CDN and content acceleration tools. Our internal tests show that websites (particularly WordPress based websites) are up to 300% much faster than that of the performance received without CDN. No more you need to pay a fancy price for a premium CDN. As a Cenmax WordPress hosting user, get access to a Worldwide CDN with 100s of PoPs at absolutely free of cost.

Affordable WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting packages made to handle more traffic much faster than ever before. Get your high-speed WordPress web hosting today from Cenmax and enjoy our premium network backbone!


WordPress 1

$ 2
Per Month. You save FLAT 80%
Renews at the same price you buy!
  • 25GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited CPU & RAM
  • Autoscaling Cloud
  • Free CDN Network
  • Suitable for ~500,000 Visits/mo.

WordPress 2

$ 4
Per Month. You save FLAT 80%
Renews at the same price you buy!
  • Unlimited SSD Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited CPU & RAM
  • Autoscaling Cloud
  • Free CDN
  • Suitable for ~1,000,000 Visits/mo.

The Performance you want

Cenmax’s WordPress hosting is powered by Hybrid Cloud technology. Hybrid Cloud infrastructures are known for security, reliability & high performance. We use Google’s Cloud services and at the same time, use our own Cloud servers to deliver the highest possible service reliability, almost instant scalability, near-infinite computing resources and uptime.

Do you get tons and tons of traffic to your site (or do you hope to go viral?) As a matter of fact, most of the WordPress hosting available in the market will just break when you get tons of traffic, unless you pay a decent sum like a $100 a month. 

But that’s not the case with Cenmax. With Cenmax’s WordPress hosting, the volume of visits is not a problem at all. We have built a highly resilient network and server architecture that is capable of serving all your traffic without any impacts, errors, or downtimes – No matter the amount of traffic you get, our servers will serve your audience without any kind of impacts – And we guarantee it!

What makes Cenmax your best choice for WordPress?

Features Cenmax SiteGround BlueHost HostGator
100% SSD Based Hosting Service
Advanced AI Powered WAF System
Free In-house Global CDN Network
Cenmax Isolation Technology
Unlimited CPU Resources

WordPress Hosting with Best Security

No matter what stage you’re in. Security is essential and you cannot get used to living without security, especially when it comes to hosting your website based on a platform that keeps dynamically evolving. With best in class security, Our WordPress hosting is here to secure your online reputation.

Free DDoS Protection for your WordPress

Don’t risk your online availability. When you choose our WordPress hosting, you’ll have access to a global DDoS firewall of 1.5TBPS capacity. A sort of infrastructure that’ll cost millions to set up is shared with all our users generously at absolutely free of cost.

WordPress Checksum

There is a lot of malware threat to WordPress. Especially to websites that haven’t updated patch-fixes or got updated to new versions of plugins and themes for a variety of reasons. Our WordPress hosting has a checksum, meaning that our systems will keep your code as same as in the WordPress repository. It helps you to mitigate Malware attacks on your WordPress site.

Advanced AI-powered Waf

Web Application firewalls secure your WordPress from any script-based attack made. As an ML and AI-based WAF is included with your WordPress hosting for free of cost, you can rest in nights knowing that your site is secure, peacefully.

Free WildCarD SSL Certificates

SSL is no more just a fancy security addon. Google loves websites with SSL. Why spend a dime for SSL when it is included for free of cost with your WordPress hosting? Secure unlimited number of websites, an unlimited number of sub-domains at absolutely free of cost for a lifetime.

Effortless life with WordPress Hosting

Stay Calm by choosing WordPress Hosting

With everything managed, from security to updates by experts and revolutionary automatic systems, you can lead your life and your business much peacefully without having to worry about your WordPress website’s availability at all.

Free Pro-Active Monitoring

We monitor your website, throughout the day using our intuitive uptime monitoring tools on a 5-minute interval. We get to known about any issues in real-time and we fix it with priority before you even come to know about it.

Auto-Scaled & Load-Balanced

Resources for your WordPress website are drawn dynamically from a pool of WordPress hosting resources on-demand. Our auto-scaling systems monitor your site for any shift in demand for the resource by calculating real-time load. This literally means that there are no limits on both RAM and CPU allowing you to cater to your users (despite the volume of traffic you get) without any issues.

Human Powered Migrations

We offer migrations for any number of sites with any amount of data for absolute free of cost. All these migrations are carried out manually in most cases with minimal to zero automation. Human touch and perfection are always unmatched.

We've got your back

We’re available here at all times to help you with any issue you might have in hosting your website. Our support representatives are highly knowledgable yet very friendly. With average response time averaging 5 minutes, you never need to wait for hours to receive a response from our support team. Experience the difference today!

The WordPress Hosting Performance!

Speed matters in the era we’re in. No one, including you or your client, will buy services from a slow website. Speed = Money. Slow website hosting can ruin all your efforts. That’s why our WordPress hosting comes with best in class performance. In fact, our platform is built with performance in mind. Benefit from the advanced features we provide and make your website faster again!

High Performance WordPress hosting

Free CDN - NEW!

With globally 100+ PoPs, get your website skyrocket the loading speed. All our PoPs are spread across the globe, making your site faster to all audiences despite where they are geographically based. The best part? You get unlimited CDN bandwidth for absolutely free of cost when you buy a WordPress hosting from us.

Caching Plugin

With our WordPress hosting, a caching plugin will come pre-installed on your WordPress installation. This plugin automates the caching tasks and closely integrates with our web server to make your site much faster with zero efforts.

Free CenOptim Suite

Making your site faster may need a lot of manual work. Our CenOptim suite gives you a bunch of options to optimize your website. All it takes is just a few moments. Our automatic optimizing system will optimize your website as per your choice and get the ball rolling in a maximum of 1 minute.

Based on Google CLOUD & CloudCenmax

Our WordPress hosting is based on a hybrid cloud deployment. Which means, we make use of both Google’s infrastructure and at the same time ours too. This makes your website much faster for your end users by making use of Google’s network backbone.

WordPress hosting for Productivity

WordPress hosting for Productivity

Almost all tasks you need to carry out with your WordPress is automated with the help of our awesome automatic systems. You do not just save your work, but you save your time as well. Enjoy increased productivity and less repetitive tasks. The power you always needed will be at your fingertips when you opt for Managed WordPress Hosting.


Updating WordPress periodically is necessary to be secure. But when you’re running multiple websites, it becomes a heavy workload for you to update your sites manually. Our WordPress hosting comes with auto-updater. Our system itself updates WordPress when a new version is available, automatically.

Staging System

It might be always a pain to change designs directly on the live site. If you’re stuck at something, your site completely goes off losing business. A staging system creates an exact copy of your site and lets you to play around. Once you’re satisfied with the design, you can push the site back online.

Our WordPress Hosting comes with these features as well...

Free EMails

Unlike other WordPress hosting providers, We provide you with email accounts alongside hosting. Unlimited email accounts with 10GB space each email account! – No exceptions.

Zero Overages

We don’t impose any limits on CPU, Bandwidth, Visitors and RAM. Your WordPress can use resources as it need from our Clusters. So, You’ll no more get overages in you monthly bill. No extra fee/charges!

UnThrottled Performance

We don’t throttle or limit your CPU and RAM usage. We provide as much as power you need to handle peak hour traffic and we understand how important your website speed is to you!

The Futuristic WordPress Hosting

With a lot of intuitive hosting features and multiple bundled features, you need not worry about your website, or its performance and availability anymore. Get the most futuristic WordPress hosting at just $8 a year today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cenmax uses proprietary hybrid cloud infrastructure. We have our own infrastructure, datacenters and network backbone. At the same time, We use Google’s infrastructure as well. Everything is orchestrated using an AI powered Cenmax load management system. We get to know what the peak load is, in real-time and we make sure we have 60% additional server resources available at all the time. Moreover, Cenmax is known for rapid deployment in Datacenter Industry. We are able to deploy more than 1000 servers within a day or two. We add more and more resources as per AI predictions and that’s how we manage everything smoothly and we’re able to offer seamless services with no limit on CPU and RAM at bottom prices.

Sure. We’ll get your ball rolling in just 45-60 minutes based on your WordPress installation size and your current server provider’s speed. The best part of it is, We’ll migrate any number of WordPress websites for absolute free of cost. Please create a support ticket to get the process started.
At Cenmax, We offer ground breaking uptime of 100% with guarantee. As everything in our infrastructure is hybrid, We can serve you and your customers with 100% of uptime.

Once you make the payment and activate your WordPress Hosting, Your WordPress website will be 90% pre-installed. Meaning, you just need to enter username, password and site detail derivatives. The DB and files part will be taken care by automated system. In short, you need to complete the last step yourself and we hope it makes sense.

Cenmax’s Support Team is the world’s most fastest responding team. We’ll reply your queries in just 20 seconds when you contact us through Live Chat System (24x7x365[366 in case of leap year!]) and our average issue resolution time is just 15 minutes.

Once signed up for your WordPress hosting account, Please raise a sales ticket. Our Sales team will provide you with list of exclusive coupons that can be used at various plugin and theme developer websites.

Yes. We have an affiliate program where you can refer your users, readers and audience to our hosting packages and make recurring money throughout your life. For more information and to signup for our affiliate program, take a look at our Affiliate Program page.

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