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Which OS is Best for my VPS?

VPS Servers are too flexible that it can handle any Operating system you want. But you might be wondering which ones are the best OS to use on your VPS. In this article, we’re sharing 3 most popular Operating systems that are used by more than 90% of VPS users across the world.

1. CentOS

CentOS is one of the most popular operating system used for both VPS Servers and Dedicated Servers. It is estimated that CentOS is currently being used by more than a few hundred thousand VPS servers and Dedicated servers around the globe.

What makes CentOS so special that it brought itself to the number 1 position on our Best OS for VPS list?

CentOS is the most-common OS which is supported by popular control panels like cPanel. cPanel, the number 1 web hosting control panel provider supports only CentOS. And such software that were built for CentOS added much more popularity to this OS.

But that doesn’t mean you should get cPanel when you take a CentOS server. As a matter of fact, you can install any application of any language on a CentOS. CentOS flawlessly supports PHP, NodeJS, ReactJS, Laravel and almost any other language. Speaking of databases, you can use anything including but not limited to MySQL, MariaDB, NoSQL, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, etc.,

And apart from the excellent software compatibility, CentOS also boasts an excellent community. Which means whenever you’re having problem on CentOS level, there are tons of StackExchange threads which is pretty comprehensive that almost all problems you might encounter in your life already has a solution for it. It is an operating system that your can rely blindly on for your next VPS and you won’t regret it.

Speaking about the prices, CentOS doesn’t have any such. You can install CentOS Operating System on your VPS for absolutely free of cost without spending a penny

2. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the second most popular operating system for VPS servers next to CentOS.

Ubuntu differs from CentOS in one influential way, that it comes with a GUI. A GUI is something that allows you to visually interact with your device. Windows and Mac are the most popular GUI-based operating systems for desktop computers. CentOS comes with no GUI but only CLI. It is more like MS-DOS of the previous century whereas an Ubuntu OS comes with GUI and you can use Ubuntu just like windows using VNC software.

Even though Ubuntu has more to offer than CentOS with its attractive GUI, Ubuntu is still behind CentOS on the basis of the number of active VPS servers because of popular web hosting control panel software like cPanel supports only CentOS.

However, times are changing now, with DirectAdmin, the super-charged opponent of cPanel offering native support to Ubuntu, the barrier of switching between CentOS to Ubuntu is now reduced drastically.

We believe that Ubuntu will sooner or later become the number one OS option for your VPS as it has more features to offer in plate, than that of CentOS.

Just like CentOS, Ubuntu too supports almost all software stacks you will ever need including PHP, NodeJS, ReactJS, Laravel, MySQL, MariaDB, NoSQL, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, etc.,

Ubuntu is also a freebie OS and you don’t have to pay a single penny to use Ubuntu on your VPS just like CentOS.

When you don’t want cPanel, it makes more sense to opt for Ubuntu rather than CentOS, as it offers more than what CentOS does.

3. Windows Server

Windows Server Operating Systems are sought after by developers who developed applications using Microsoft owned DOT NET Framework.

The reason behind this is, even though Microsoft’s DOT NET framework supports Linux distributions, developers find this Windows-Linux bridge too buggy and causing way more problems that’s not worth spending time on.

Unless otherwise, you want to use a DOT NET framework-based app language or MSSQL, there’s no reason to use a Windows Server Operating System on your VPS.

Unlike Linux Operating Systems, which are free, Windows is a premium operating system. Windows Owned Operating Systems are prices around $1000 and Datacenter version of Windows Server goes as up as $6300 per server.

While the pricing is higher for these licenses, if you don’t want to make such significant investment on Windows Server License, you can lease a license from web hosting provider. We (at Cenmax) usually lease these Windows Server licenses at $30 for standard version and $90 for Datacenter Version. That way you don’t have to pay a few thousand dollars upfront.


We hope that you got all your confusions cleared and we’re glad that we were able to show you a list of operating systems available for VPS Servers and help you make your decision in choosing the best OS for your need.

In case if you have any doubts, or if you think you need a free expert consultation to see if an OS is a good choice for your VPS, contact us here. We’d be glad to help you finding the optimal VPS OS for your use case.

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  1. I was having a lot of doubts on which OS I should choose, my developer suggested me to go with CentOS but after reading you article, I guess Ubuntu would be right for me. Thanks a lot for helping me out.


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