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What is the difference between Normal and Premium VPS?

Cenmax is a vast organization with over 42 datacenters in operation and we provide a wide array of products to make sure all requirements of DevOps are covered on an affordable basis.

Such that, we offer 2 variety of VPS servers at different price points, made to cater unique needs of unique applications.

Here’s a basic explanation of both varieties and their differences.

CloudCenmax’s Normal VPS Plans

Our CloudCenmax’s normal VPS plans are powered by good hardware and a good network with a vast location option. At the time of writing this article, these plans are available in over 41 cities across 6 continents and 25+ countries.

These normal VPS servers come with Linux options only and the Port 25 is blocked in default which means you can’t use these servers for email purposes.

These plans are provisioned instantly once the payment is successful.

Our Normal VPS servers are ideal for all common use cases like application or website hosting, DNS servers, Geo-Edge Caching, and CDN delivery.

Premium VPS Servers

Premium VPS plans are powered by powerful new generation hardware and are backed by the industry’s best of its kind network and come with up to 1Gbps DDoS filtering for absolutely free of cost. Due to their high-quality nature, these VPS servers are available only in certain geographical locations.

Unlike normal VPS plans, Premium VPS plans come with both Windows and Linux options with no blocking on Port 25 allowing you to use these VPS plans as email servers for your business. (Please keep in mind that we allow only professional emailing to be done, sending newsletters are still not allowed on these servers)

These premium VPS plans are commonly used for Forex automation, RDP-based co-working spaces, Enterprise emailing, application or website hosting, DNS servers, Geo-Edge Caching, and CDN delivery.

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