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What is an SSL Certificate?

If you’re new to web hosting, there are many new terms we often use for technologies and if hearing all those names are a bit overwhelming for you, you’re not alone. Every pro today was at your stage before a few years, and you can become a pro in just a matter of a few moments, once you understand these terminologies. In this article, we’re going to show you what is SSL in easy to understand manner.

Basics of Internet

Before we try to understand what is an SSL, knowing the basics of internet is essential.

We’re living in a modern age, and all we see is a few UIs that take care of everything for us. The Internet is such a thing. Our Operating Systems and Browsers interact with complex network protocols and allow us to see what we see online. In this article, I am not going to deep dive into the protocols or the complexities, we’re going to stick with the simple stuff for now.

There are two components on the internet – the request, the response. Whenever you’re visiting a website or searching online, you initially make a request to a particular server to get specific data, and the server responds back with a response.

For quick understanding, when you’re searching for “Best restaurants around me”, you’re technically making a request to Google, and Google responds back with its results.

So, you ask something online, and something is received as a response.

Why use an SSL?

I just explained about the request and response in simple way. When a website you use doesn’t use a SSL certificate, your request is sent in raw manner. Any intruder, who has gained access to your router, to your modem, or to your ISP’s network hub, can see whatever you’re requesting to the internet without any sweat.

If it really doesn’t matter if someone watches you searching for a restaurant, as a matter of fact, they can also watch your private and sensitive data, like credit cards, passwords too. Which makes the internet a risky place to work with, pay with, and for almost anything else.

In order to overcome this problem, the internet community came with an idea – The SSL.

What SSL does is, it encrypts both your request and response (from instance a word “Google” in request or response becomes something like “CdsWf356ynvs”) and protects your data being watched by anyone.

Technically speaking, SSL is like a translator – which translates human understandable words into words that make no sense at all – minimizing the security risks for the end-user and for the website operator.


This sort of security is essential, no matter the size of your enterprise. That’s why Google decided to force the adoption of SSLs by web asset owners by incentivizing sites with SSL with better results on Google SERP – It is a win-win situation for everyone.

We hope that this article was simple for you to understand. Not only you know now what is an SSL, but you have also gained basic knowledge on how the internet works.

If you’re not using an SSL certificate yet, the time has come to switch to SSL.

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