Private Cloud

Private Cloud is Really Critical for almost all Corporations Across the Globe, Now you have a Chance to Trust Cenmax, A Network Operator with 18 Datacenters across the World and Highly Qualified Staffs

What we do?

We Build Custom Array of Cloud Servers with Premium Bandwidth which is Peered with almost all TIER 1 Networks across the Globe with the Most Possible Reliability, Scalability and Affordability for your Project and for your Dreams

What can we Help you with?

Software Distribution

Geographic Caching

Content Delivery

Auto-Scaling VMs

Storage Instances

Lowering Latency

We Work with


PaaS, IaaS, DBaaS & NaaS range of Services Built using Openstack, Proxmox, KVM, Ovz and many Such Linux Distros


Custom Built Ovz, KVM & Proxmox Solutions

We will create your Own Cloud Infra as per your need with Direct P2P ISP Connection


Cloud Cenmax is one of the Most Powerful & Robust Cloud in the Industry when it comes to Scalability and Uptime. We make the most Out of our Engineers to build your Future. Either it may be Auto DC Migration or Auto Scaling. We make the Best Possible things come up together for better Performance & Latency

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