Brazil Optimized Miami Dedicated

Miami Dedicated Servers from Cenmax is an ideal Solution to reach your Audience or Visitors from South American Countries. Without any Doubts, South America's Internet Market is Booming. Be the first Person to serve your Audience with Low Latency. Be Steady with an Cutting Edge Network Powered by Cenmax. We handle Everything in order to Help you behind the Scenes. Our Datacenter Facility in Miami has an Well Infrastructure with Enterprise Grade Equipments throughout the Facility. We are also using 100% Redundant Technology for Cooling Equipments, Electricity & Network. This ensures better Uptime even at Worst Times.

50% Lifetime Off Introductory Sale!

Affordably Priced Miami Dedicated Servers

Core i5 4570
100 MBPS
20 TB Bandwidth
48 Hour Setup


Core i7 7700K
20 TB Bandwidth
48 Hour Setup


Xeon E5 1650v3
20 TB Bandwidth
48 Hour Setup


Xeon Silver 4108
256GB DDR4
20 TB Bandwidth
48 Hour Setup


Your Security. Our Priority.

We know how Important the Data Security is for you. In order to ensure your Security, We Employed 24x7 On-Site Securities at the Barrier gate, & Corridor in Our Miami Datacenter. We have also made the Security System Hardened using Bio-Metric Systems and even our Employees need Photo Identification before they enter into each Rooms. This ensures that we give 2x Priority to Security of your Data. Since that, You can be Rest Assured about your Data in Miami Dedicated Servers.

Climate? On Control!

Whether it's Summer or Winter, Your Miami Dedicated Servers will experience a Same Temperature. We use Enterprise Grade Cooling Systems in order to Accomplish it. Miami Dedicated Servers are powered by SuperMicro Enterprise Grade Racks in order to retain Cool Temperature. Moreover, Our Cooling systems are also Redundant as Network & Electricity. So We offer 100% Uptime Guarantee on Cooling Systems too!

Billing & Accounting Team is available 24x7!

Tired of Important Billing Related Query Response Delay. No more it's. At Cenmax, We have employed a 24x7 Online Sales, Billing & Technical Team. You're no more in need to wait for hours to get a Reply. Our Average Response time for all Departments (Either it may be a Sales, Support, Billing or Tech Query) is just 15 Minutes.

99.9% Uptime with SLA

You know what? "Customer Satisfaction deserves our #1 Priority" It's not just our Claim. It's Fact. In order to ensure that, We provide 99.99% Dedicated Server Uptime with SLA. If we don't, You can get SLA Credits and use it while Renewal of Miami Dedicated Server Hosting.

Frequent Questions!

It’s upto you to choose what you need Exactly. Because, If you get cPanel installed from our Side, Then your Dedicated Server Hosting will be considered as an Fully-Managed Dedicated Server. Else if you get an Plesk Pre-Installed on the Server, Then your Dedicated Server Hosting will be considered as Semi-Managed Dedicated Server. All other Servers will be Considered as an Unmanaged Dedicated Server. Which doesn’t actually means theat you can not get Support but Instead you will be in Need to Pay 7$ (450 INR) for Each Support Session. May be Something like Troublshooting & Fixing Issues on your Custom Panel.

Yes, you get full root access, which means you have full administrative control of your server. This means you have complete control of your server, and can choose to install any software you wish to have. Despite of the Management Type have, You’ll recieve Root Login Details as an Standard with all our Miami Dedicated Servers

Usually, It will be 48 Hours after Approval of Billing Staff.

Yes you can! At Cenmax, You need not work a lot to have an additional IPv4 Address. We have made it Simple & We Want you to feel comfortable throughout the Process of Buying Extra IPs. But Remember, When you reach 29 Usable IP Addresses, You will be in need to File an IP Justification Form. But once you file it, You may have upto 253 IP Addresses on a Single Miami Dedicated Server.

Yes you can! We Allocate upto 10 GBPS Uplink Port on Each Miami Dedicated Server Hosting. In certain Cases, We may even Arrange for 100 GBPS Uplink Port. Upgrade to 1 GBPS Uplink Port will charge you just 15$ (Rs.900). Once it doesn’t suite your needs, You can Simply Upgrade to 10 GBPS on just a Few Clicks! Be Noted : Before Upgrading, Contact Sales for Availability.

You can add upto 4 Disks. Listed Plans will consume just 1 Port. So, You have 3 more Ports Ready for Upgrade! On thses 3 Ports, You can Add upto 12 TB of Disk Space to the Dedicated Server Hosting without any Exceptions! For this you need to Get in Touch with our Sales.

We’re Actually Proud of It! Cenmax is one of the Most affordable Server Providers in the World. In this Competitive Industry, We make Servers Possible for Even Startup Corporations. It’s also a Part of our Motto, Vision & Etc.,