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Managed VPS Servers

Managed VPS Servers backed by one of the industry’s best support team and state-of-the-art TIER 3 & 4 certified datacenter facilities across the globe. Now enjoy uninterrupted Managed VPS service at a much affordable price with a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee – The best part? We manage servers from start to finish, all inclusive. You just have to focus on your business while we take care of all the technical stuffs. Get a Managed VPS from Cenmax for more peace of mind and to get more time to spend on your business rather than on maintaining servers, today.

What is a Managed VPS Server?

VPS Servers in default doesn’t come with any software-level support. Which mean unless there’s a problem on the network or backend of the VPS server, You won’t get any support for software related issues. For example, if your OS gets corrupted on your VPS, on a standard VPS service, the maximum extent the VPS provider can help you with this OS corruption problem is by reinstalling the VPS with an operating system of your choice, freshly.

But on a Managed VPS server, on the other hand, the VPS provider will take care of all technical aspects of the server on your behalf and provide support on the operating system level too. If your OS gets corrupted on a Managed VPS Server, the Managed VPS provider will try their level best to get your server fixed and will be able to get all your data on the disk retrieved. It is not just about corruption of data, it is about everything that has to deal with the OS or Software Level. 

You can get the following tasks to be done by your Managed VPS Server provider, and even more than that:

Award Winning Managed VPS Server Provider

We’re pioneers in technology as well as in support. We provide high performance servers backed by the industry’s best support enabling you to carry out your business peacefully. These are some of the recognition we received from industry’s leading critics for our continuous commitment towards innovation and support.

Best Managed VPS Hosting @ Industry's Best Price

Price shouldn’t be a barrier for your dreams. Our Managed VPS Servers are best in class, be it the performance or the support, but at the same time, our pricing is cheaper than the industry’s average pricing – allowing you to start your dream project without having to stress your wallet.


$ 15 Billed Every Month
  • 1 vCPU Core
  • 25GB SSD Storage
  • 1GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • Free Server Control Panel
  • 24/7 Managed Support
  • 25GB Backup Space
  • Unlimited Free SSL


$ 40 Billed Every Month
  • 2 vCPU Core
  • 75GB SSD Storage
  • 4GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 3TB Bandwidth
  • Free Server Control Panel
  • 24/7 Managed Support
  • 100GB Backup Space
  • Unlimited Free SSL


$ 79 Billed Every Month
  • 4 vCPU Core
  • 160GB SSD Storage
  • 8GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 4TB Bandwidth
  • Free Server Control Panel
  • 24/7 Managed Support
  • 200GB Backup Space
  • Unlimited Free SSL


$ 139 Billed Every Month
  • 6 vCPU Core
  • 320GB SSD Storage
  • 16GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 6TB Bandwidth
  • Free Server Control Panel
  • 24/7 Managed Support
  • 500GB Backup Space
  • Unlimited Free SSL

We have datacenters on all continents on earth across multiple cities and countries. You can choose the best data center location for your Managed VPS Service in the next step of the order, as per your requirement. See the full list of Available Locations.

What our Managed VPS Clients say?

We’re better in everything, from performance, to support. But don’t just take our words for it. See what our Clients say about it.

Support is too fast. They replied to all my tickets in just a few seconds, even in midnights – is that live chat or something? Highly recommended for those who are in need of a good hosting provider with great support.

Mariela P.

After moving my website to Cenmax’s VPS servers, our GTMetrix score increased rapidly. Support is very patient and polite. It is a complete value for money, Can’t recommend them enough. Love you guys!

Madyson J.

My application was migrated quickly. Performance of the server is remarkable. Support team is very helpful, and fast in resolving problems. Simply, the best hosting provider I ever used in my life. 

Elva R.

I usually get to work on my project at late hours, once I complete my regular job. Support at midnights is what I wanted. They nailed it. They responded all my questions in a matter of seconds, even at 1 AM. Very impressed by their support & service.

Ramiro W.

Managed VPS Server Support that Never Sleeps

No matter whether it is day our night, whether it is summer or winter, whether it is New Year Eve or Diwali night, our support engineers are always online to help you with any issues you might be facing your Managed VPS Server. Not only we stay online all day long, but we respond to support tickets faster than most of our competitors. We respond tickets within 15 minutes and Live chats within 15 seconds on an average. By that way, if you want anything to be done on your server, or if you are facing any problem on your Managed VPS Server, we make sure we get those sorted out for you with the least wait time possible. Experience the completely faster support today!

The Speed of Lightning - Included.

Cenmax Managed VPS is based on pure NVMe SSD drives from Samsung and Kingston. With no rotating arm, and flash based storage, this help us to increase the speed of our Managed VPS Server significantly at the OS level. With deeper level optimizations and free Litespeed, your Managed VPS server from Cenmax will be upto 20x faster than the usual ones.

Fast Network made for Faster Apps.

Cenmax’s datacenters are connected to the internet through the most sophisticated hand-made networking tools. With an upstream connection to all network providers and an AI-powered network selection system for packets, our Managed VPS server network is second to none. Experience the fastest network – we bet you’ll be able to feel the difference.

One of its kind Network Security

Cenmax’s network and your Managed VPS Servers are proactively monitored by our industry’s best engineers. Most security threats are stopped at the entry level of the network of your Managed VPS using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered firewall system protecting you, your business, and your server.

Security for Successful Projects.

All Managed VPS servers from Cenmax come with free security systems like DDoS Protection, SSL Certificate and backup systems, allowing you to download backups in a remote place. If you’re a pro agency/user, Our team can also optionally craft a customized firewall for your Managed VPS Server with your choice of rule-set for better and optimized security.

Fastest Support - We Guarantee it!

Cenmax’s Managed VPS Servers are powered by best of its kind network, finest engineering but on top of everything, our support is faster than anyone else. Support is essential no matter whether you’re just starting up or if you’re an established business. We don’t compromise on it. We provide industry’s fastest Managed Support with 15 minute ticket replies and 15 second live chat response on an average. You don’t have to wait for hours for support replies – not anymore!

Server Migration is hard, but don't let it stop you from moving to our Managed VPS Servers.

Moving is hard. Especially when you have tons and tons of data to be moved to our Managed VPS Servers. It might take anywhere from an hour to a week to migrate all your data to our Managed VPS Servers if you do it all by yourself. That’s why we’re here to help you with it. Our experts, who have decades of experience in moving files and databases around, will do the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is, share your current server credentials and sit back and relax. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you and our experts will let you know once all data on your previous server is migrated to your new Managed VPS.

Free Cloud Backup Space included with all Managed VPS Plans

Cenmax’s Managed VPS Servers come with free integrated Cloud backup space. Backup is essential for peace-of-mind. No matter what happens, if you have a backup copy of your server in your hand, you’re always safe from events that might cause data loss. Your Managed VPS server will come pre-configured with backup space, and one backup will be taken everyday night on an off-shore cloud storage server. If you need any particular backup scheme to be followed, you can do so by letting us know what sort of scheme will work for you.

You can restore data from the backup storage to your Managed VPS at any time you want in a matter of few clicks

Managed VPS Geographical Availability

Our Managed VPS Servers are available in all continents on Earth. You can choose from any of these locations in the next step of the order process of your Managed VPS. All locations take the same timeframe for setup, and comes with the same volume of bandwidth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which location should I choose for my Managed VPS?

We strongly suggest you choose a location that’s near to your target audience for your Managed VPS. When you choose a server location that is near to them, your website or application will be much faster for your users. If you’re having mixed traffic from 2 extreme locations, like from the USA and Western Asia (Like India, Afghanistan, Pakistan & Sri Lanka), we strongly suggest you deploy your Managed VPS server in a country in between them (ie., in London) for much better performance for both the zones. If your audience is spread between Eastern Asia and the USA, choosing a location like Los Angeles for your Managed VPS would be a better option. You can decide your Managed VPS location based on your audience. If you need help choosing the right location for your Managed VPS Server, feel free to contact us, we’ll help you with it.

How much time will it take to provision my Managed VPS?

Managed VPS Servers are provisioned manually as we have to configure Security Hardening and Backup Solution before delivery. On an average, each Managed VPS server is deployed and delivered within 3 hours from successful payment. This time-frame can vary based on the work-load of our provisioning team, but we will make sure we deliver your Managed VPS within 24 hours from the payment.

What happens when I use more bandwidth than my Managed VPS Server’s allocation?

Managed VPS Servers have predefined limitations on the amount of bandwidth you can use every month. If you use more bandwidth than the allocated bandwidth volume on your Managed VPS Server plan, you will be charged extra for each GB of overusage. In North America and Europe located Managed VPS servers, we charge $0.10 per GB and in all other continents we charge $0.50 per GB due to the higher cost in those regions. If you anticipate more usage in a particular period of time, you can optionally pre buy extra GBs of bandwidth at half-price of the overage cost..

Which Server Control Panel do you provide with your Managed VPS Server. Can I change it?

Managed VPS Servers in default come with CyberPanel – a control panel built for fast performance by Litespeed technologies. However, if you are familiar with another control panel and if you wish not to learn how to use this one from start, you can switch to another control panel like cPanel or DirectAdmin for your Managed VPS Server for an additional cost. However, that’s completely your personal choice. No matter what control panel you choose for your Managed VPS, we will provide the same level of service and support.

I need my Managed VPS Server with Windows OS. Is that possible?

Managed VPS Servers are completely customizable in any way you want. If you want your Managed VPS with Windows operating system, we can certainly do that. You’ll have to pay some additional charges for the Windows License and for Plesk Control Panel. And we recommend a minimum of 4GB RAM on the machine to handle Windows properly on your Managed VPS Server.

Note: We currently don’t support Windows in Johannesburg and Bangalore Datacenters. You can request a Windows Managed VPS from any other location other than Johannesburg, South Africa, and Bangalore, India.

Is there any discount available for Long-term commitments and for Pre-payments of Managed VPS?

If you’re ready to pay for more than 3 months, you will get a 15% discount on the monthly price of our Managed VPS Server plans mentioned above. The discount will be automatically applied when you change your billing cycle in the next step – while you checkout. If you’re planning to buy more than 10 server for a prolonged billing period, you can get in touch with our Sales team for higher/customized discount rates.

Will you increase the price of my Managed VPS Server when I renew?

We don’t increase the prices of our Managed VPS servers when you renew as many other companies do. We believe in transparent and straight-forward billing. You pay what you pay now for the rest of your life.

I already have a server from somewhere else. But I am impressed by your support. Can you offer support for my existing server with an another hosting provider?

At this provided moment, we don’t provide support for external servers. But we have plans to introduce such support services in near future.

Managed VPS Service that's built for your Speed

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