High RAM Dedicated Server

High RAM Dedicated Server from Cenmax comes with the World's Largest Processing Power and Highest RAM Config at a Price that makes you to Stumble Upon. High RAM Dedicated Server from Cenmax an is ideal Solution for Almost All Applications and heavy Traffic Websites

High RAM with More Features

Our High RAM Dedicated Servers are made to Handle your Visitors, Traffic or Users seamlessly. Our Servers are Feature Rich and made for Developers like you!

  • 24x7 Support
  • Free Plesk/cPanel
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • TIER 1 Facility
  • Redundant Power
  • Multiple Uplink Points
  • Full Management
  • RedHat Certified Techs.
  • 7 Hours Ticket Resolution
  • 48 Business Hr. Setup

Affordable High RAM Servers

With Around the Clock 24x7 Hardware Based Support & 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Intel Xeon Processor

20 CPU Cores @ 2.5GHz
40 CPU Threads
4 TB SATA Disk
100TB Bandwidth
1 Gbit Port
5 Usable IPv4
2-4 Days Setup


Intel Xeon Processor

20 CPU Cores @ 2.5GHz
40 CPU Threads
4 TB SATA Disk
100TB Bandwidth
1 Gbit Port
5 Usable IPv4
2-4 Days Setup


Intel Xeon Processor

80 CPU Cores @ 2.0GHz
160 CPU Threads
1024GB DDR 3 RAM
8 x 2 TB SAS Disk
100TB Bandwidth
10 Gbit Port
5 Usable IPv4
2-4 Days Setup


Features that Stacks Up on Comparison

Best-In-class support

Our Dedicated support team is made up of the same people that architected our High RAM Dedicated Server. This ensures that your Product is in the safest and most qualified hands possible. Enjoy our localized support over phone, chat, email and web, helping you address your concerns as soon as possible

Most Secured High Ram Servers

We know how Important the Data Security is for you in all Our Datacenters. We have also made the Security System Hardened using Bio-Metric Systems and even our Employees need Photo Identification before they enter into each Rooms. Since that, You can be Rest Assured about your Data in High RAM Dedicated Server.

24x7 online billing team

Tired of Important Billing Related Query Response Delay. No more it's. At Cenmax, We have employed a 24x7 Online Sales, Billing & Technical Team. You're no more in need to wait for hours to get a Reply. Our Average Response time for all Departments (Either it may be a Sales, Support, Billing or Tech Query) is just 15 Minutes.

Monitored network & servers

What if your Server goes down? Usually, You will be Creating a Ticket regarding the Downtime. Right? But, When you buy a High RAM Dedicated Server with Cenmax, You don't need to create a Ticket for gaining our Attention. Our Engineers will start working on fixing the Downtime.

any Questions?

100% Root Access

With this Awesome Feature, You may do whatever you need to do. In other words, With our High RAM Dedicated Server Hosting, You can Install Softwares, Tools, and Extensions on your own without creating a Support Ticket or Chatting with our Experts. In short, We give you 100% Independence on Managing your Server.

99.9% Uptime

We know how important your Server’s Availability is. Imagine that, A person comes to your Website and he sees a Blank Page, How horrible this is! So we have made revolutionary Automatic Systems to provide you with 99.9% Uptime. If we fail to do so, You can get SLA Credits and use it while Renewal of High RAM Dedicated Server Hosting

TIER III Datacentre

We use Enterprise Pieces of Equipment all the Times. Moreover, We have Multiple Bandwidth Providers and Electricity Providers to our Datacenter to supply the Vitals. We have installed much better cooling Equipment and Security Systems. Apart from these, With our Intuitive Monitoring System, We get known of faults in real-time & Our 24×7 Available Engineers will fix it ASAP.

What our Customers Say?

“Actually I got an Managed Dedicated Server from this Company back in Last Month. Until this Date, their Support is really awesome. They installed all cPanel Plugins & Fixed few DNS Issues (which we’re caused by my Actions) without asking even any Questions. Their Promised Resolution time is 7 Hour. Still they fixed all Issues within 1 or 2 hours of Ticket Creation. Their Live Chat & Ticket System is really Awesome. They are really Much Helpful for Developers like me without knowledge on Sys Administration. Really Recommended.”

R Kaviya Priya
Source : HostAdvice

“I have been using their Service since Last Year. I have leased about 7 Servers with them. Most of the Servers (5 Servers I think so) are Fully Managed.Their Support Team is just ROCKING! I got a Great Resolution within 120 Minutes of Ticket Creation. I really recommend this Provider for Servers”

Source : HostAdvice

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It’s fully Managed in Nature. Which actually means that we will take care of Every (almost all) Tasks that you need to Perform on Servers. Including but not limited to Securing the Servers and Hardening the SSH & Optimizing the Performance of your High RAM Dedicated Servers. There is also an option to Choose Unmanaged Support in the Configuration Page. 

Yes, you get full root access, which means you have full administrative control of your High RAM Dedicated Server. This means you have complete control of your server, and can choose to install any software you wish to have.

Despite of the Management Type, You’ll get Root Login Details as an Standard

We tend to make these Servers available for you As Soon As Possible. But still, Due to few Technical Reasons, These High-End High RAM Dedicated Servers may take upto 2-4 Days to get Provisioned.

Yes, You Can! At Cenmax, You need not work a lot to have an additional IPv4 Address. We have made it Simple & We Want you to feel comfortable throughout the Process of Buying Extra IPs. But Remember, When you reach 29 Usable IP Addresses, You will be in need to File an IP Justification Form. But once you file it, You may have upto 253 IP Addresses on a Single High RAM Dedicated Server.