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eCommerce Hosting from Cenmax is the Web’s #1 most Platforms Compliant Web Hosting Service. With our eCommerce Hosting take your eCommerce Website live within just few Hours!

Free Website Builder with Web Hosting

Why eCommerce Hosting from Cenmax?

Setup in just 3 Seconds!

Need your Website live ASAP? We too need the Same. So, Our Intuitive Web Hosting Automation System is configures Correctly. Once you make a Payment, You just need to wait 3 Seconds or even Much lesser time for getting your eCommerce Hosting Provisioned

24×7 Inhouse Hosting Support

Got Issues? Get Support! Our Talented Engineers are 24×7 Online inorder to help you with Everything in eCommerce Hosting at almost Anytime. With us as your Technology Partner, You can start Concentrating on the Products of your Site instead of it’s Infrastructure or of it’s issues

Regular and Free Backup with eCommerce Hosting!

When it comes to Web Industry, Backup takes an Major & Vital Part in your Weekly TO-DO List. But this task’s Existence would be Absolutely No More when you get your eCommerce Hosting from Cenmax. Because we Automate this Manual Process Using our Intuitive Web Hosting Backup Solution and we Store a Copy of your Website in an Well Secured Cloud Server

Free cPanel Guide with transferred Hosting worth 10$!

Newbie to this Industry? Don’t worry, We have Tied-Up with an Top Rated Publication to teach you with cPanel. It Includes Basics, On the same time it Consists of Advanced Operations. We Hope that it would be Helpful for you to learn, Experiment and to become an Expert eCommerce Web Hosting Account Manager in your Company.

Truthfully Unlimited Hosting!

Wanna have numerous Number of Sub-Domains, Mail Account & FTP Accounts? Not an Problem, Have it as Per your Wish. We won’t block you from Doing what you wish to Have. We have really Huge Servers that you can never Imagine of. So, It Enabled us to Provide you Web Hosting without Limitations on Disk/Bandwidth!

Ecommerce Hosting 1

Unlimited Disk
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Domain
Unlimited Mail IDs
India Based Support


Ecommerce Hosting 2

Unlimited Disk
Unlimited Bandwidth
3 Domains
Unlimited Mail IDs
India Based Support


Ecommerce Hosting 3

Unlimited Disk
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Mail IDs
India Based Support



What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a Service which let’s your Website go Live. Simply, Web Hosting Service provides you some amount of Resources that are required to run a Website from Expensive Cloud Powered Baremetal Servers. All your Data’s that you wish to have your Visitor see should be Hosted on these Web Hosting Servers. As a Website Admin, You will get Access to Upload file, Configure your Server and Etc., through our State of Art Control Panel. Moreover, a Web Hosting from Cenmax also comes with eMail Hosting. So there would be Absolutely Zero Needs for Purchasing Seperate Mailing Solutions.


What is eCommerce Hosting?

eCommerce Hosting is a Specialized Web Hosting Package that supports Most of the eCommerce Cart Solutions & Ecommerce Website Solutions including OpenCart, OSCommerce & WHMCS. This Specialized Web Hosting type is Packaged with the Minimum Requirements of Most of the eCommerce Solutions out there in the Market. Even more Resources are given to you with these kind of Packages. So, your eCommerce Application or eCommerce System can run with absolutely Zero Flaws!


How reliable is your eCommerce Hosting?

Our eCommerce Hosting offers high reliability. Our eCommerce Hosting System automatically distributes three mirrored copies of your data across multiple Drives to ensure safety and protection. The website is hosted on a virtual partition which draws its resources, such as disk space, from an extensive network of underlying physical servers. Moreover our Servers are Backed up on Jet Backup’s Servers to ensure a Step Higher level of Security. It let’s us to offer much better Security on Data and much better Reliability on your Websites.


Do you offer Free Migration from my Past eCommerce Hosting Provider?

We do offer you Free Transfer Service once you Purchase one of our eCommerce Hosting Plans. You may consider a Server Transfer is Hard & Complex One. Yes it’s Hard, Stressful & Complex Job to be done. But, This Reason should not stop you from Transferring from your Previous Web Hosting Provider. We’ve made it simple for you. In other words, Very Simple for you. All you need to do is to Create a Support Ticket or Initiate a Chat with our Supportive Agents and Request Regarding this then you can Sit Back and Relax. That Support Agent will forward your Request to Transfer Executive. The Transfer Executive will transfer all your files including your Uploaded Images, Databases, Mails, Files, FTP Accounts from your Previous Web Hosting Provider to our Web Hosting Servers within few Hours of Request. Once he makes it Done, You will be notified through either Support Ticker or Direct Mail. Once he intimates, You need to change the Nameservers of your Domain. So this service will cause your Domain “Zero Downtime”. Since that no one else (Either your Client or Visitor) may know about your Host Change. This is just a Courtesy Service for our Web Hosting Products. For now, We support Migrations only from cPanel Hosting Accounts or a Web Hosting Powered by cPanel Control Panel. We will soon launch support to Plesk, DirectAdmin to cPanel Transfers. If are confused on which Panel you use, Try Initiating a Chat. We will help you out!


Which plan of eCommerce Hosting do I need?

The clear answer is, It depends on what you need Exactly. In case If you are going to Host only a Single Website or Blog, Then our First eCommerce Hosting Plan is more than Enough. If you need to host 3 Websites on your Hosting Package, Then Second ecommerce Hosting Plan would be Fine for you. If you have numerous number of Websites to be hosted, Even 200 Sites, 3 rd eCommerce Hosting Plan is crafted for you.


Do you offer Dedicated IPs with eCommerce Hosting?

Yes we do offer Dedicated IPs with our eCommerce Web Hosting Products as An Addon Product. Dedicated IP is actually not Required for Everyone. It’s required if your Softwares is Specially Designed and if it will work only on an Interface which has an Dedicated IP. Anyhow, Before Purchasing Dedicated IP, Consult with your IT Team or Developer. If you don’t have a team and if you’re a Solo Blogger, Please Chat with us. We will be Happy for Assisting you. Dedicated IPs involves Additional Costs.


Can I upgrade my eCommerce Hosting Plan after Purchase?

Yes you can do. Our Network & Platform that is used in our Shared Hosting is Fully Scalable and you can upgrade to Higher Plans whenever you grow. For this, You just need to create a Ticket or Initiate a Chat. Our Supportive Executives will send you an Invoice for Upgradation. Once you pay, Your Service will be Automatically Upgraded.


I Have Purchased an eCommerce Hosting Package, What’s Next?

After you make a Successful Payment, You will recieve your Web Hosting Server Details almost Instantly. What you need to do is, Login to your Domain Control Panel. Click on Manage Nameservers. (With Some Providers you should Hover your Mouse on Manage Domain and Click Nameservers). Erase all Default Entries and update it with the Nameservers you have Received through the Mail. Click Update. Sit back and Relax for 24 Hours. Your Website will start functioning. Add, Erase or Modify your Contents, Mail IDs and etc., If you have any issues with this Process, Let’s know about it. We will be happy for Helping you out.