Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaSS) at the most affordable pricing
for the betterment of your application’s availability.

Why should you get DRaaS?

Everyone knows that disasters are inevitable part in our Planet. Every year some part of the world is affected due to deadly disasters. Not only people, Data that you store in your server too has an probability for getting lost which later results it loss of your Business. And if you don’t need your business to get sick of it, You don’t have any options other than that of sticking to a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Well, That’s where Cenmax comes in. We do have a separate team to innovate new technologies that will help Businesses like you to get rid of any losses incurred by such a Natural Disaster. That’s through our proprietary CenmaxCloud network and Cenmax Private Networking Tunnels. These technologies ensure that your data is never lost and immediately backed up in a different Location to keep up your Uptime!

Why Cenmax?

Cenmax operates it’s own Infrastructure with enterprise graded hardwares, Firewalls and DDoS Protection grids. Cenmax’s network exclusively makes use of Google’s infrastructure for quick delegation of DNS changes. Apart from all these, Cenmax takes your opinion when planning your Disaster Recovery Service (aka., Choosing Backups Node Location, DNS Platform, Networking Technology, Routing Policy, Auto-Failover Technology, etc.,)

Moreover, Cenmax’s Network is completely crafted on top of isolated Virtualized Environments. It ensures that your data stays with you forever. No other third party will be able to access those data without your consent including us.

Your DRaaS Package remains 100% Managed by our Networking Engineers who are available 24×7, in various shifts. You need not employ your own specialist in DRaaS for managing this solution ensuring that you save Bunch of Bucks when opting for our services. It’s truth that, A Penny saved is a Penny gained.

What's Next?

Fix an appointment with our Network Engineers for a free consultation via Live Chat

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Once you are satisfied with the Custom Solution, We’ll setup the solution in 24-48 hours!