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Dedicated Servers with 256 IPs

Dedicated Servers with 256 IPs from Cenmax are housed at best of its kind data center facilities in USA. With our new generation technology and best of its kind network architecture, our dedicated server with 256 IP addresses can be used for various use cases from SEO Website hosting, Blockchain node setup to large scale email applications. All our Dedicated Servers with 256 IP plans come with 100% clean ranges, full root access to the server, and IPMI/KVM access for absolutely free of cost. Get your dedicated server with 256 IPs today from Cenmax!

Award Winning Dedicated Server Provider

Cenmax’s Dedicated Servers with 256 IP addresses are highly powerful and made for the best performance of your application; But don’t just take our words for it. Here are some of the recognition we received for our continuous commitment towards rendering highest quality servers through the planet earth’s best network and provide you the world’s best support – from industry experts & the toughest critics. You’re choosing the industry’s best dedicated server with 256 IP addresses known for reliability and quality when you choose Cenmax.

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Dedicated Server with 256 IP Address

256 IPv4 Server

$ 450 Per month - Per server
  • Intel Xeon 4 Core CPU
  • 500GB Pure SSD Space
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • 100Mbps Network
  • 99.999% Uptime SLA
  • /24 IPv4 Subnet (256 IPv4)
  • 100% Clean IP Addresses
  • USA Datacenter

Our Clients Love Us. Now you can fall in love too!

Our Dedicated Servers are trusted by 1000s of happy and satisfied clients from over 5 continents. We have been providing wonderful service to many developers, individuals, startups, and enterprises just like you since last 8 years. See what they say about us, and why they love us this much and make your choice.

I own more than 15 dedicated servers from Cenmax and I am in a plan to move more from other providers soon. That’s because Cenmax not only provides good servers but also wonderful support. All my support inquiries were answered promptly and they fixed most of my problems in just a few moments of creating a ticket. Cenmax is Wonderful.

Samuel Randall, United Kingdom.

I have been creating applications for over a decade now and used over a dozen hosting companies in my life. But Cenmax is different from all of them and is the best. Their servers are powerful, but on top of that, their support and network are great. These guys know what they are doing. If you care about your application’s availability, I would strongly recommend you choosing Cenmax, you’ll thank me later.

Omar Lapierre, USA.

Cenmax is a great dedicated server provider. Be it the performance of the server, or the support, they nail in everything. I got all my problems solved in just 5 minutes after creating a support ticket – I have never seen a dedicated server provider in India that fast to solve a problem till I chose Cenmax. I have been using their service for over 6 years now, and I don’t have intentions to move my server out for the next decade atleast.

Ramesh Malhotra, India.

I was a complete beginner. Their support team suggested me a configuration based on my traffic projections and got my server customized completely for the load and the team even optimized my WordPress to perform much faster. I would blindly recommend anyone to opt for a Cenmax’s dedicated server if you’re a complete beginner just like me! They will take care of you and your project in a much better way for sure.

Brayden Winston, Australia.

My dedicated server with an another hosting provider went down often. My client wasn’t happy, he called me atleast 3 times a day and said that he couldn’t use his ERP system (as the server went down). I was desperately looking for a solution to this problem. That’s when I heard about Cenmax from my friend. I hoped that the problem I faced should get reduced by atleast 50% but to my shock, once the ERP was moved before 6 months, till date, there wasn’t even a single server down problem. They are the best when it comes to servers. Highly recommended.

Anjali, India.

I got a dedicated server from Cenmax. I migrated my application from a different dedicated server from a different provider in the same city and once it was complete, I was almost immediately able to see how fast my application was responding to. Without any doubts, they offer Great quality of servers with the best network.

Ming Chu, China.

100% Clean Ranges - Guaranteed.

We take pride in solutions that work for you. Such that our services come with IP ranges that are clean from any blacklists or SPDBs. And we guarantee that the whole IP range you receive from us, including every single IP on it is clean and we also provide a replacement guarantee for the first 24 hours from the time of delivery to replace the complete range itself – if any blacklist is found. Your hard-earned money is safe with us.

Why choose Cenmax?

Choosing the right datacenter or the best dedicated server with 256 IPs provider is an overwhelming process. But we’re here to simplify it by showing a bunch of reasons how we’re better when it comes to servers.

dedicated server in India with best network

256IP Dedicated Servers made for The next generation

A Network, that's second to none

We take pride in building things as precisely we can. And as a result of all the networking optimization work we have been doing for years, your dedicated server with 256 IPs and your application that you host on the server will be very fast for your end-users, literally very-fast.

Dedicated servers built for uptime - You get best uptime

Redundancy & Availability at its perfection

Cenmax’s datacenter facilities are built for providing servers that are truly reliable for you. All our datacenter facilities can run many days without electricity from grid. And even if a complete network operator goes down, our Dedicated servers with 256 IPs will be working as if nothing happened. Reason? We built our datacenters from the ground up for best availability. By choosing Cenmax as your Dedicated server with 256 IPs provider, you never have to worry about any downtimes – it will be online, forever.

Indian Dedicated Server with high uptime
Dedicated servers in India with good support

A Well-versed, faster and friendly server support

A Support team who really cares

Unlike many other industries, where you can wait for support for a few hours or days when it comes to websites and servers, immediate assistance is required. If your sales pages go down, you’re simply losing your customers to your competitors, that’s why you need quick support from the datacenter to help bring it back online. Every single minute is precious in these scenarios. That’s why at Cenmax, we offer support with an average response time of 10 seconds via Live chat. Whenever you have a problem, you can feel free to ping our support, and we will fix those problems for you not in days, not in hours, but in minutes. 

Security to keep you safe in this digital era

Highly Secured Dedicated Servers

Our /24 IPv4 dedicated servers are single-tenant service, which mean, you and only you have access to your server and its resources – not even us. And all your sensitive personal information with us are encrypted. This ensures that your data stays intact and safe inside our dedicated servers with /24 IPv4. Moreover, we have a fully-dedicated department at each of our datacenters to look after the network for any vulnerable network packets and protect your server from network attacks, proactively around the clock. We’re also ISO 27001:2013 certified. All these measures we take make your server from Cenmax bullet-proof from security concerns.

Highly secured and best dedicated servers in India

Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated servers are physical server machines hosted for you at the best of its kind data center facilities across the globe. As the name “Dedicated” itself suggests that all resources are on that server (like CPU, RAM and Network) are exclusive to you and no one is sharing those resources with you. No matter whether you use it fully or not, they are reserved for you, and only you can use them.

On average, all orders are deployed within 24-48 hours of payment. But still, 256IP dedicated server deployment time-frame varies from time to time based on the load, stocks and etc., 

Yes, you can. You can change the CPU, add more RAM, increase the space and much more whenever you want. For this, contact the sales team with your upgrade request. They’ll let you know further details.

If you’re not able to find anything that will suit your hosting needs, feel free to contact our sales for a custom order quote. We do accept custom orders and we can deploy with up to 1TB of RAM and 80 CPU Cores each.

Yes, you can. But there are few restrictions on the billing cycle you can choose. If you’d like to pay with Bitcoin or any other Altcoins, you can’t pay on a month to month basis for your server and the minimum commitment period would be only semi-annually. For more information about making payments with Crypto for your server you can feel free to contact our Sales Team.

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