Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting from Cenmax is a Revolutionary Product crafted for Website & Application owners who needs to Have and Manage their Resources & Security in an Dedicated Environment. Cenmax’s Dedicated Server Hosting is Particularly made to take you to the Next Level. Our Dedicated Servers comes Packaged with Awesome Security, Much Higher Speeds & Unbeatable Uptime to Turbocharge your Application or Website.

Choose the perfect plan


INR 6000

  • Intel Xeon
  • 500 GB SATA
  • 100 MBPS Uplink
  • 20TB Outbound Traffic
  • Windows & Linux Flavours Available
  • 5 Usable IPs


INR 8960

  • Intel Xeon
  • 1 TB SATA
  • 16 GB DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 100 MBPS Uplink
  • 20TB Outbound Traffic
  • Windows & Linux Flavours Available
  • 5 Usable IPs


INR 14336

  • Dual Xeon 5650
  • 3 TB Ent. SATA
  • 32 GB DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 1000MBPS Uplink
  • 100TB Traffic
  • Windows & Linux Flavours Available
  • 5 Usable IPs

Looking for High Speed Plans?

Fine, Then what you're Looking for should be this 1GBPS Dedicated Servers

Need Something Custom Tailored?

Don't Worry! We undertake Custom Server Orders. Custom Order Form

You pay the same On-Budget Price when you Renew!

We’re 100% Comitted towards your Satisfaction. Unlike other Brands, Cenmax was created to Serve the people with the Most Possible Prices. And that’s why our Dedicated Servers renew at the Same cost you paid while Purchase. 100% No Hidden Costs!

Feature Rich Servers! Don't you believe?

100% Root Access

With this Awesome Feature, You may do whatever you need to do. In other words, With our Dedicated Server Hosting, You can Install Softwares, Tools, and Extensions on your own without creating a Support Ticket or Chatting with our Experts. In short, We give you 100% Independence on Managing your Server.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee!

We know how important your Server's Availability is. Imagine that, A person comes to your Website and he sees a Blank Page, How horrible this is! So we have made revolutionary Automatic Systems to provide you with 99.9% Uptime. If we fail to do so, You can get SLA Credits and use it while Renewal of Dedicated Server Hosting

TIER 3 Datacenter Facility

We use Enterprise Pieces of Equipment all the Times. Moreover, We have Multiple Bandwidth Providers and Electricity Providers to our Datacenter to supply the Vitals for your Dedicated Server Hosting. We have installed much better cooling Equipment and Security Systems. Apart from these, With our Intuitive Monitoring System, We get known of faults in real-time & Our 24x7 Available Engineers will fix it ASAP.

24/7 Support from Network Engineers

Our Dedicated Server Hosting support team is made up of the same people that architected our Dedicated Server hosting product. This ensures that your Dedicated Server Hosting is in the safest and most qualified hands possible. Enjoy our localized support over phone, chat, email and web, helping you address your concerns as soon as possible. We have a 24/7 Network and Datacenter Operations team that monitors each server, ensuring that your server is always up

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Dedicated Servers Managed in Nature?

It's upto you to choose what you need Exactly. Because, If you get cPanel installed from our Side, Then your Dedicated Server Hosting will be considered as an Fully-Managed Dedicated Server. Else if you get an Plesk Pre-Installed on the Server, Then your Dedicated Server Hosting will be considered as Semi-Managed Dedicated Server. All other Servers will be Considered as an Unmanaged Dedicated Server. Which doesn't actually means theat you can not get Support but Instead you will be in Need to Pay 7$ (450 INR) for Each Support Session. May be Something like Troublshooting & Fixing Issues on your Custom Panel.

Will I get Root Access with these Packages?

Yes, you get full root access, which means you have full administrative control of your server. This means you have complete control of your server, and can choose to install any software you wish to have. Despite of the Management Type, You'll get Root Login Details as an Standard

What about the Setup Time?

We use a Queue based Manual Provisioning system which ensures that your server has correct configs that you have selected and will be ready within 4 Hrs of Order.Yes, you read that right - your server is available for use within 4 hour or lesser wait, no setup fees. Still, In certain Circumstances, Setup time may vary.

Can I Purchase Additional IPs after Provisioning of Service?

Yes! You can buy Additional IP Addresses after Provisioning of the Service. In Some Cases, An OS Reload will be necessary if you need to have Additional IPs based on the Datacenter your Service has been Provisioned. But usually (About 99.9% of Times) an OS Reload won't be needed. We have made it Simple & We Want you to feel comfortable throughout the Process of Buying Extra IPs. But Remember, When you reach 29 Usable IP Addresses, You will be in need to File an IP Justification Form. But once you file it, You may have upto 253 IP Addresses on a SIngle Dedicated Server.

Can I Upgrade Uplink Port?

Yes! You can buy Additional Port Speed once the Service has been Provisioned. We Allocate upto 10 GBPS Uplink Port on Each Dedicated Server Hosting. Upgrade to 1 GBPS Uplink Port will charge you just 15$ (Rs.900). Once it doesn't suite your needs, You can Simply Upgrade to 10 GBPS on just a Few Clicks!

Why Cenmax is In-Expensive?

We're Actually Proud of It! Cenmax is one of the Most affordable Server Providers in the World. In this Competitive Industry, We make Servers Possible for Even Startup Corporations. It's also a Part of our Motto, Vision & Etc., 

Our Infrastructure

  • State of the Art Equipments
  • 2 Tera Byte Per Second Network Backbone
  • 24x7 Online Server Admins
  • 24x7 RealTime Monitoring
  • 7+ Bandwidth Providers & Green Electricity Used
  • Queue Based Setup by Engineers for Ensuring Quality