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cPanel Server Management Service

cPanel Server Management service powered by World’s leading cPanel experts. Get your cPanel server, no matter whether it is a VPS or Dedicated Server managed and configured by our expert engineers. Not only that – you get 24×7 access to our extremely helpful engineers who can help you in managing your cPanel server by executing tasks on your behalf. Now you can own your cPanel server without any technical knowledge by opting for our cPanel Server Management Service – we take in charge for everything

Why choosing the best cPanel Server Management Service is Essential?

cPanel is the most crucial part of your server – which enables you to run your online business without hassle. Downtimes are worst – they make you lose your clients and peace. Especially when you’re having problems with your website or application that you have hosted on your VPS or on Dedicated servers using cPanel, you need some expert help to resolve the problems – only then you can make your website or application available back online in no time.

Learning the nooks and corners of cPanel might take years and even more to master. And that requires a lot of time, resources, and learning, which, most of us don’t have. That’s where outsourcing comes in. By outsourcing your cPanel server management chores, you don’t have to learn these technologies by trials and errors. You will get access to cPanel experts in no time using the cPanel server management service.

But the question is, are all cPanel server management companies the same? No. It is not.

Each and every cPanel Server management company are different on its own. Some prioritize cost-efficiency. Some prioritize quality. And some prioritize customer satisfaction.

If a cPanel server management company is prioritized to save more money, then they will be understaffed, at most of the time, they wouldn’t have enough experience or training to solve complex problems and ultimately all this will be leading to late reply times and worst support experience during the hour of your need.

If you have been in this industry for a while, we bet you know this already and probably might have experienced such companies earlier.

We’re different. At Cenmax, we prioritize Value – a true value for your money. Such that we don’t cut our costs, but we invest more to make sure we give you the best service. Our team is highly experienced (FYI, decades of experience). All team members you get to work with are cPanel, Redhat and VMware certified with distinction. This means, when you entrust your cPanel server management tasks to Cenmax, you can expect not only faster reply times, but a faster resolution too.

And by the end of the day, when you choose a good cPanel server management company which you can rely on, it means you’re buying yourself more peace of mind and saving more money as you won’t be facing any problem with your (money-making) website or application like a devastating prolonged downtime.

We have been providing such wonderful support for 1000s of individuals and businesses all these years. And now, you can make your choice and become a member of our happy family and enjoy the perks of having a highly experienced IT team at your disposal.

We're an Award Winning Company

We’re pioneers in technology as well as in support. We provide highly reliable support enabling you to carry out your business peacefully. But don’t just take our words for it. These are some of the recognition we received from industry’s leading critics for our continuous commitment towards innovation and support.

From Installation to Management, All-in-one cPanel Server Management Service

And anything else you need help with your cPanel server

cPanel Server Management

cPanel One

$ 99 Per Month / Per Server
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • V.I.P. Support from Engineers
  • 5 Minute Average Reply
  • 45 Minute Average Resolution
  • 24x7x365 Support Access

Frequently Asked Questions

As this is a server management service, we will require your server’s IP address, hostname, root password. If you want us to install cPanel on your server, providing only root password and IP address would be sufficient.

We believe in straightforward business. Such that we don’t have any hidden limits on the number of support hours like many others do. You get unlimited support from us through this cPanel server management service.

We encourage you to take a server management subscription – it is the most cost-effective option. You can subscribe for it 1 month and cancel it later.

If you need only one-off support, we charge for the support on hourly basis at $30 per hour. Get in touch with our Sales team to proceed further with one-off support.

Our cPanel Server Management service is proactive in nature. Which means, we will monitor your server 24×7 and we will take immediate actions if your server goes down. You don’t have to contact us and let us know about that downtime. We will start fixing it as soon as it is identified ourselves.

On an average, we reply all out tickets within 5 minutes and resolve it within 30 minutes on an average. However, complex tasks might take more time than the average, and smaller tasks might be done in a shorter span.

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