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Cheap WordPress Hosting

Cheap WordPress hosting with Complete Management powered by Google Cloud!

Cheap WP 01

  • 3GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Vistors & Visits
  • Unlimited CPU & RAM
  • Based on Hybrid Cloud

As low as $8/Yr.

Cheap WP 02

  • 10GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • 20 Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Vistors & Visits
  • Unlimited CPU & RAM
  • Based on Hybrid Cloud

As low as $21/Yr.

Cheap WP 03

  • Unlimited SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Vistors & Visits
  • Unlimited CPU & RAM
  • Based on Hybrid Cloud

As low as $36/Yr.

Why Cenmax's Managed WordPress Cloud?

Load Balanced

All Data hosted in Cenmax are mirrored in multiple machines as those machines are Load Balanced. This ensures that there’s no single point of failure and we maintain as promised 100% Uptime.


Our Managed WordPress hosting packages are automatically scaled to a Dedicated machine (Worth 200$/m) for free of cost when your website gets busy ensuring optimal performance at all times

Free WAF

Cenmax WAF is custom built by industry’s leaders to protect you and your website from Security breaches by monitoring each and every requests and it flushes any potential hack attempt.

Free WP Caching

With all managed WordPress hosting plans, We include free caching plugin pre-installed in WordPress which closely works with NGINX and makes your website super-fast, you need not to do anything to set it up

Hybrid Cloud Platform

Cenmax’s Cheap WordPress Hosting packages are based on Hybrid cloud setup where we make use of both Google Cloud and our own Cloud servers hosted in our own DCs

Zero Throttling

We don’t throttle or limit your CPU and RAM usage. We provide as much as power you need to handle peak hour traffic and we understand how important your website speed is to you!

Zero Overages

We don’t impose any limits on CPU, Bandwidth, Visitors and RAM. Your WordPress can use resources as it need from our Clusters. So, You’ll no more get overages in you monthly bill. No extra fee/charges!

Powered by Google

At Cenmax, We have a hybrid cloud infrastructure. We make use of Google’s network backbone in our servers and ensure 100% uptime of your websites and blogs. More speed and reliability at fraction of cost!

Free SSL Certificates

We include all your domains and websites a free WildCard SSL Certificate powered by LetsEncrypt CA for life! Your Free SSL Certificates can also be renewed once the old one is expired

Unlimited Emails

Unlike other WordPress hosting providers, We provide you with email accounts alongside hosting. Unlimited email accounts with 10GB space each email account!

Staging System

Staging clones your website and creates an exact copy. You can play around it and once you complete adding features or designs, you can publish changes to the live environment – Best use if you are one who mess up their site more often.

Special Discounts

Who doesn’t like saving more bucks ..huh? When you buy WordPress hosting package from Cenmax, We have some special partnerships with some Theme and Plugin developers who will provide you with additional discounts of 256$+

Award winning hosting

The recognition we received for our continuous commitment towards providing best services

Developers Choice Hosting Award
I ordered a WordPress hosting at Cenmax by midnight of a weekend and I initiated a request for migration of my WordPress website from my previous web hosting service provider. I received an email in just 2 hours from the migration team stating that the migration was completed. They do migration even at the mid-night of weekend. This is a kind of service I have experienced at nowhere.

As soon as I changed the nameservers, I was able to witness that my website load speed has dropped. At my previous web hosting provider's server, the website loading speed was around ~ 7.9 seconds and after migrating it to Cenmax WordPress hosting, It dropped all the way towards ~ 3 seconds.

My overall experience with Cenmax is fabulous.
Cenmax WordPress hosting made my WordPress website very fast. As soon as I moved to my site to Cenmax its speed was 50% increased. Much satisfying experience.
John Mathew
Each and every technical support persons are highly knowledgeable. Even at mid-nights, they respond in just 10 minutes. Quality of the support I received from them is stellar.
Pankaj Sha
Support is extremely fast and very helpful. Uptime is so far so good. As promised, My hosting account is 100% up for last 6 months.  
Vijay Kumar
Cenmax is one of the finest web hosting providers I have ever used. Their support team is very helpful. All their staffs are communicating in a very friendly manner. All my support tickets are handled with priority and their issue resolutions times are incredibly faster.

Almost all my technical support queries were resolved in a 10 minute average time. Uptime is solid and the performance of my website is very consistent. Even at peak hours of usage, my site loads in just 3 or 4 seconds. Outstanding experience with them so far.
Justus Shepard
I have used a handful of Web hosting providers. No one has actually provided me with 100% uptime. The only exception is Cenmax. Since last 8 months, my website uptime is 100% and there were no problems at all till date. Keep it up cenmax!
Rahul Saini
I was being DDoSed before I switched to Cenmax and that was the primary reason why I switched hosting. Thankfully, they offer enterprise graded DDoS protection with all hosting packages for free of cost and as soon as I migrated my site to them, I have no issues at all. Very reliable service to go with.
Kiran Kumar

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no prediefined set of values as everything is based on Cloud and Auto-Scaling Technology. We hope it is safe to assume that our platform can easily handle or serve 1 Million Pageviews a day per site. Even if you get more visitors than that of 1 Million a day, We will automatically scale you up and make necessary resources available to handle more traffic. So, Your WordPress hosting will be able to handle at-current traffic volume easily.

Cenmax uses proprietary hybrid cloud infrastructure. We have our own infrastructure, datacenters and network backbone. At the same time, We use Google’s infrastructure as well. Everything is orchestrated using an AI powered Cenmax load management system. We get to know what the peak load is, in real-time and we make sure we have 60% additional server resources available at all the time. Moreover, Cenmax is known for rapid deployment in Datacenter Industry. We are able to deploy more than 1000 servers within a day or two. We add more and more resources as per AI predictions and that’s how we manage everything smoothly and we’re able to offer seamless services with no limit on CPU and RAM at bottom prices.

Sure. We’ll get your ball rolling in just 45-60 minutes based on your WordPress installation size and your current server provider’s speed. The best part of it is, We’ll migrate any number of WordPress websites for absolute free of cost. Please create a support ticket to get the process started.
At Cenmax, We offer ground breaking uptime of 100% with guarantee. As everything in our infrastructure is hybrid, We can serve you and your customers with 100% of uptime.

Once you make the payment and activate your WordPress Hosting, Your WordPress website will be 90% pre-installed. Meaning, you just need to enter username, password and site detail derivatives. The DB and files part will be taken care by automated system. In short, you need to complete the last step yourself and we hope it makes sense.

Cenmax’s Support Team is the world’s most fastest responding team. We’ll reply your queries in just 20 seconds when you contact us through Live Chat System (24x7x365[366 in case of leap year!]) and our average issue resolution time is just 15 minutes.

Once signed up for your WordPress hosting account, Please raise a sales ticket. Our Sales team will provide you with list of exclusive coupons that can be used at various plugin and theme developer websites.

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