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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting that’s one of its kind – based on a custom-built hybrid cloud platform powered by Google Cloud & CloudCenmax. With our Cloud hosting‘s native scaling technology, your website can handle a lot of traffic than ever before, at a price point you would have never imagined. Now, you can reach your audience in a faster way than ever before but without breaking your bank. Experience the futuristic Cloud hosting service today!

Cloud Hosting Plans & Packages


$ 3
Per Month. You save FLAT 80%
Renews at the same price you buy!
  • Unlimited NVMe Disk Space
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • 3 Domains Hosting
  • No Inode/CC/IOPS Limits
  • Unlimited Professional Email
  • Free WildCard SSL Certificate
  • Free Content Delivery Network
  • Suitable for ~500,000 Vists/mo.


$ 7
Per Month. You save FLAT 83%
Renews at the same price you buy!
  • Unlimited NVMe Disk Space
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • 25 Domains Hosting
  • No Inode/CC/IOPS Limits
  • Unlimited Professional Email
  • Free WildCard SSL Certificate
  • Free Content Delivery Network
  • Suitable for ~1,000,000 Vists/mo.


$ 12
Per Month. You save FLAT 84%
Renews at the same price you buy!
  • Unlimited NVMe Disk Space
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains Hosting
  • No Inode/CC/IOPS Limits
  • Unlimited Professional Email
  • Free WildCard SSL Certificate
  • Free Content Delivery Network
  • Suitable for ~5,000,000 Vists/mo.

All Cloud Hosting plans come with...

We offer the industry's best hosting service

But don’t just take our words for it. Analyze what others offer versus what what we do and make a decision for yourself!






100% SSD Based Hosting Service

Advanced AI Powered WAF System

Free In-house Global CDN Network

Cenmax Isolation Technology

Unlimited CPU Resources

Unlimited RAM Resources

AI Powered Auto-Scaling Technology

Cloud based Load Balancing Technology

PCI-DSS Compliant Hosting Environment

100% Uptime Guarantee with SLA

Free WildCard SSL Certificate

24x7x365 Support

100% In-house Support (non-Outsourced)

Upto 1Tbps Free DDoS Mitigation (1B PPS)

Supported Amount of Traffic (Under Finely Optimized Conditions)







*Data Representation as of 03/2020

Award Winning Cloud Hosting Provider

We’re pioneers in technology as well as in support. We provide high performance servers backed by the industry’s best support enabling you to carry out your business peacefully. These are some of the recognition we received from industry’s leading critics for our continuous commitment towards innovation and support.

Lightning Fast Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting performs 20x Faster than Traditional Hosting!

Our Cloud Hosting‘s complete infrastructure is built on top of Enterprise Graded – Screaming Speed SSD Drives from World’s most trusted SSD manufacturer, Samsung. And our edge delivery is taken care of by Google’s nodes which boast the world’s fastest network infrastructure and top of it, we provide absolutely free os cost CDN along with your Cloud hosting account to make it faster and every nooks and corner of the world.  Cenmax’s cloud hosting is proven to be 20x faster than standard hosting providers and up to 38x faster than old-school web hosts as per a test result conducted with LoadImpact.

Free WildCard SSL Certificate powered by LetsEncrypt

As everyone knows, SSL Certificates are no more an optional and fancy security product. In fact, We were one of the first adaptors in offering Free SSL to our end clients in late 2015. We offer Free WildCard SSL certificate with our Cloud Hosting packages for all domains on your Cloud hosting account.

What is a Wild-Card SSL? Normal SSL certificates are issued only for your root domain (ie., domain.com) and an added www (ie., www.domain.com) whereas a WildCard SSL certificate secures all subdomains (ie., support.domain.com, blog.domain.com, store.domain.com) using a single certificate – both you have now, and every new subdomain you will create in future – saving your precious time.

Cloud hosting with free SSL
Cloud Hosting based on Google Cloud

Based on Hybrid Cloud Deployment powered by Google Cloud + Cenmax

All Cloud Hosting packages offered by Cenmax are powered by hybrid cloud infrastructure. Hybrid Cloud infrastructures are known for security, reliability & high performance. On our Hybrid Infrastructure we make use of both Google Cloud Platform and our own proprietary platform called CloudCenmax to deliver the highest possible service reliability, almost instant scalability, near infinite computing resources and uptime with your Cloud hosting.

FREE Web Application Firewall powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our Cloud Hosting plans come with Heuristic AI powered WAF that helps you to protect your software or application by automatically suspending any suspicious activities with almost zero false positives. Our advanced WAF monitors all HTTP requests and kills any SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting, Path traversal and many other types of attacks with absolute zero milli-second latency. We constantly feed our Heuristic AI with multiple attack patterns that happened in history to mitigate any sort of attacks against your website on our Cloud hosting platform.

Cloud Hosting with free WAF
Auto-scaling Cloud hosting

Fully Automated Resource Scaling for your website

If you’re a blogger or ecommerce website owner, You would have definitely came across a situation where all your shared hosting resources are consumed fully and resulting in 500 errors. That’s not the case with Cenmax’s Cloud Hosting. If you receive more traffic we will move you to a bigger server (upto 44 vCPU) to handle the traffic easily without throttling the speed of your website. We do this because we understand how important each and every visitor or buyer is for you!

Free WYSIWYG Drag ‘n’ Drop Website Builder Software

It’s never been easier to create an inviting, successful website that works seamlessly across all desktop and mobile devices. Our Cloud Hosting‘s inbuilt Website Builder has tons of great features that make designing your website quick and easy. Showcase your business, project, or personal brand by building your own stunning website. There’s no software to install and no programming skills required to create your own stunning Website!

Cloud hosting with free website builder
Cloud hosting with free 1 click installs

Powerful 70+ Preset Scripts 1 Click Installer

Install 70+ popular applications including WordPress, Joomla, Magento and PrestaShop easily on your Cloud hosting account within our CloudCenmax GUI without touching a single file or a single line of code. All applications (all 70+ scripts) are installed on the server almost within moments of hitting the “install script” button. With everything from invoicing systems to project management systems covered, you can install as many as you like as use them as much as you want.

Mission Green

Cenmax’s Cloud hosting services are rendered using Green Electricity wherever possible and we actively participate in afforestation and reforestation programs across the globe as a step towards minimizing climate change problems. When you’re purchasing a Cloud hosting service from Cenmax, you’re participating on our vision and mission. Let us together bring a better environment for our future generations!

SSH Access with Google 2 Factor Authorization

SSH is always critical to security. You need to keep your SSH details as secure as possible in order to keep your Cloud Hosting account safe. That’s why we have introduced revolutionary 2 Factor Authorization process that’s powered by Google 2FA. This ensures that no one else than you can actually access your SSH and make any changes. More security means more peace of mind and less stress.

Cloud hosting with 2FA
Instant GSuite Setup

Instant – 2 Click – G Site Integration Setup Wizard

We understand that not everyone uses our Cloud Hosting’s free Cenmax Mail service. That’s why we provide you with a 1 click G Suite setup within our CloudCenmax GUI. All you need to do is push a button and then another one. With just 2 button clicks, you’ve configured your G Suite on your DNS without needing to perform/add any DNS records manually.

Powerful Anti-Virus System for Zero Additional Cost

Cloud Hosting from Cenmax includes powerful virus scanners that are created and maintained by a fully qualified enterprise security professionals. Our Anti-Virus software runs once a day and sends you a mail if it finds any potential malwares and all other ugly scripts such as web shells or mail/spam daemons. In case if any potential malware activity is found, your PHPMail will be temporarily disabled in order to maintain your email reputation. This is very similar to services that are offered by other web hosting providers for a premium charge – we offer it for absolutely free of cost with our Cloud hosting because security is essential and we hope that there should be no cost barrier for having your site secured.

Free anti-virus with Cloud hosting
Cloud hosting with Free migration

Free Migration of Websites from your current Hosting Provider

Looking forward to switch your traditional web hosting to our intuitive cloud hosting? But afraid of the stressful and complex migration job? No worries! We offer 24×7 human powered “1 hour” migration service. We’ll try our level best to get your website migrated to our cloud hosting infrastructure within just 1 hour from your original request by real humans with minimal automations to make a switch without any downtimes or any stress.

24x7x365 Outstanding Technical and Billing Support

We understand how horrible it is to wait for hours for a Support Technician to have a look into your website when it is down or having critical issues. That’s why our technical support team is available at all times – on premise – to help you with your queries almost instantly. The same applies to billing related support as well. Both teams of our company works tirelessly to help you have a seamless cloud hosting experience.

Cloud hosting with 24x7x365 Support
Cloud hosting with 100% uptime

100% Uptime Guarantee with SLA Agreement

Our Cloud Hosting Service comes with a 100% Uptime SLA. We guarantee that your website or your web application will be online at all times. For years, we have been providing services with 100% of uptime and we’re pretty confident that we can do the same for many more years to come. By hosting your website or web application with Cenmax’s Cloud hosting service, you no more have to worry about downtimes or website availability problems – we’ll take care of it – with written guarantee!

Upto 1Tbps+ Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack mitigation

DDoS attacks are critical hazard for a growing website. We understand that you’ll need an extra hand to mitigate these attacks. That’s why we offer all our Cloud Hosting packages with powerful DDoS mitigation of upto 1Tbps. Our DDoS attack mitigation firewalls filter out malicious requests at the network level without impacting your website. This ensures that your website performs normally without any impacts.

Free DDoS Protection with Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting service with money back guarantee

30 Days Money Back Policy – 100% Zero-Risk for 30-Days.

We are 100% sure that you’re going to fall in love with our Cloud Hosting. But still, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case you’re not liking our best in class infrastructure or due to any other reasons, if you’d like to get a refund, We’ll happily process it within a maximum of 7 days window to you with a guarantee. Your hard earned money is safe with us!

Outstanding Support from Experts in just 15 Second wait-time

We always think from our customer’s point of view and take decisions. That’s why we understand how frustrating it is to wait for 45 minutes or 1 hour for a reply after sending a message regarding the critical issues. That’s why we offer World’s #1 Cloud Hosting Technical Support with 15 seconds average human reply time. Our friendly executives will reply to you within just 15 seconds 99% of the times when you contact us through Live Chat system.

ecommerce cloud hosting

Well Optimized and Tested for E-Commerce Applications

E-Commerce Websites consume lot of resources than that of what an ordinary website will do. Our Cloud Hosting comes with a plenty of resources to run E-Commerce websites smoothly. We have taken special care in optimizing our platform for resource hungry E-Commerce applications on our Cloud Hosting platform. Be rest assured that our Cloud hosting can run your E-Commerce websites effortlessly!

Unlimited Cloud Powered MySQL Databases

You can create as many as databases you need. We don’t limit the number of maximum databases you can have. We believe in that “One size doesn’t fit all”. That’s why we provide you the control. You can create as many as MySQL databases needed with your cloud hosting within your CloudCenmax GUI and store data associated with your online business, blog or store easily.

100% Tested and Optimized Cloud Hosting for running top CMSs

We take special care in optimizing our platform for top platforms which our users love to use. We have carried out various tests on top CMS platforms including but not limited to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. We make sure that our Cloud Hosting‘s hosting environment is best suited for these applications at all times by continuous testing and optimizations.

Though our Cloud hosting comes with 100% support for WordPress, our WordPress hosting comes with much more power, performance, security, native CDN integration, and core-level support for WordPress. If you’re going to host WordPress, consider taking a look at our WordPress hosting plans and packages.

Free 250$+ Discounts from our partner WordPress Developers

When you buy Cenmax’s Cloud Hosting Service, You’ll get access to special discounts from our WordPress theme and plugin development partners. You’ll be entitled with a minimum of 10% discount on various plugins and themes that you might want to buy to get your development process to the next level. In total, You can save upto 256$ on plugins and themes alone.

pci-dss compliant cloud hosting

100% PCI-DSS Compliant Cloud Environment

If you accept payments through credit cards from your website, Your server needs to be PCI DSS Compliant. As per regulations, You need to comply PCI-DSS to accept, store or to process credit/debit cards directly from your website. These standards are set by Security Standards Council to reduce credit card frauds. We constantly take tests as per the directions of PCI-DSS mandate and make sure our Cloud Hosting services are PCI DSS compliant. With our Cloud hosting service, you can accept payments instantly as we’re already PCI compliant.

Cloud Hosting without Inode, CPU, and RAM limitations!

Our Cloud Hosting packages don’t possess any limitations like many other shady web hosting providers do. Which means, there are no limit on the number of files you can have, no limit on the number of CPU you can use and RAM as well. You can use these resources as much as needed to run your website smoothly.

Cenmax’s Proprietary Isolated Container Technology

Cenmax Isolated Container technology isolates a website within its allocated resources (of course, it will be scaled when needed) and makes sure it doesn’t uses any resources allocated to other users. This isolation technology helps us to separate each and every user file by isolating their access to only their files. This technology makes sure that your website on our cloud hosting operate with good speed at all the times

The Best Cloud hosting you can choose!

Cenmax’s Cloud hosting comes with performance, support, reliability and industry’s best uptime for a much affordable price. Our packages are not only feature-rich but are backed by the industry’s best engineers and whenever you’re stuck at something, we’re always here to help you. Join 3700+ enterprises who have chosen us, and experience a whole new dimension of hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

On traditional hosting, your website will be hosted only on a single server. There’ll be set of limitations on number of files, CPU, & RAM.

When you use Cenmax’s Cheap Cloud Hosting, There’s no limitation on the amount of files, CPU and RAM. You can use as much resources that your application needs without any extra costs on your bill. Moreover you’ll get benefited with the additional features we offer to make our Cheap Cloud hosting reliable to the core.

When your website gets bunch of users, or let’s say your website got viral. Cenmax Cloud automatic systems switch you to a better server in moments. If that’s not sufficient, you’ll be moved to a dedicated machine. The best part of it is, scaling would take lesser than 0.25s and that means no one will encounter any issues.

We’ve developed an incredibly resilient high performance storage platform utilising 100% SSD storage arrays in a RAID 10 configuration, with battery-backed hardware RAID cards. Storage arrays are then replicated across multiple servers so in the highly unlikely event that disks, arrays or entire servers fail there will be no downtime or impact to your site.

Cenmax Cloud hosting is completely based on custom architecture cloud clusters. Whenever your website needs more resources, the required resources are drawn from the pool of resources in the cluster and your site is moved to a temporary Virtual Machine. From there, your site will be scaled up and down, as needed, automatically.

That’s the technology behind our offering of unlimited CPU and RAM. Your site can grow as much as needed and use resources as much as needed from the pool.

Cenmax Cloud hosting services are proven to be 29x more faster than that of an ordinary hosting service as per a Load impact test result. Our Cheap Cloud Hosting is literally very faster than that of the big names is the industry. That’s because we use Google Cloud, SSD Drives, Load Balancing, & Autoscalers, all in one place!

Our pricing is cheap but the service provided is decades ahead of standard hosting services. All our services are powered by hybrid infrastructure. Which means we use our servers alongside services from Google Cloud. This helps us to deliver good services with Google’s backbone at fraction of cost. As we own majority of the networking and servers ourselves, we are able to save a lot of money.

We share a large segment in that savings with our customers and that’s how we are able to offer our Cloud Hosting service at bottom prices when compared to industry’s standard pricing.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. As this is a Cloud powered hosting service and a service which heavily relies on almost instant DNS delegation and pro-active load balancing, It’s technically not possible for us to provide you with a dedicated IP. A dedicated IP in most cases will be an IP address that will be bonded to a bare-metal or IaaS instance and it is completely not possible to do in a Cloud hosting which is either load-balanced or auto-scaled.

We use automated systems which are synchronized with billing back-end and server back-end. This enable us to provide you with your Cheap Cloud Hosting account information almost within 30-60 seconds of successful payment.

We accept PayPal, Visa / MasterCard / AMEX Credit & Debit cards. Other than those, We also accept Indian Net banking & Top Wallets. On eligible orders, you can pay through crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethreum, PAX, etc.,

Yes. You can choose the version of PHP you want from your CloudCenmax GUI.

The sole purpose of offering auto-scaling technology and load balancing technology with our Cloud hosting is to ensure that our client’s website function flawlessly even when their website go viral and get tons and tons of visitors unexpectedly. But when you expect a constant load, much flexibility, single-tenancy, better security, and out of the box optimizations, we strongly suggest you to choose our Dedicated Server and VPS plans over cloud hosting.

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