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Flexible Work-Hours

Sometimes, you might not be comfortable working at a specific time to work. Either you have personal work, or something you have much important, we get it. So, at most of the times, we allow you to change the work-shifts.

Remote-First Working

Commuting is the worst part of work. No need to travel hours to juggle between home and office anymore. We have a remote-first policy and your number of visits to the office will be very very low.

Learning Allowences

The industry keep on to change. That's normal. In order to help you to cope up with these changes, we provide you special learning allowances, fully-funded training and sponsored courses.

low-stress happy environment

Cenmax is a low-stress environment. We take a special care to keep the environment friendly and motivating. All our managers under-go special training to ensure all their sub-ordinates are stress-free and happy.

Open-door policy

We don't keep the doors of management closed. Any feedback, ideas, complaints, and suggestions are most welcome. Our CEO's door is always open for all staffs. You can reach out CEO's office and meet him anytime.

Just do you job. Not others'.

This is a prolonging problem in most enterprises where one person does all the job while team-mates are busy in chit-chats. That's not the case here. Everyone does their job. And we make sure no one does the job of the other one.

Full-Stack Developer

Preferred Skills:

  • Proficiency in PHP & MySQL
  • Experience in working with Laravel/Codeigniter (preferred)
  • Hands-on experience in JS, CSS, and HTML.
  • Ability to work a team and as a solo person.

Chennai HQ

INR 15,000/Mo. (Initial)

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