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Can SSL Certificate Protect your Website from Malware?

An SSL certificate in this digital world is considered an all in all security solution by many internet marketers and developers. However, it is only a half-truth. SSL certificate definitively adds a layer of security for your website, but can an SSL Certificate protect you from a malware attack?

Before we dive to make conclusions, I believe that it is essential for you to know what actually is an SSL Certificate.

Here’s a gist from our What is an SSL article:

When you’re searching for “Best restaurants around me” on your Google App, you’re technically making a request to Google, and Google responds back with its results. When a website you use doesn’t use a SSL certificate, your request is sent in raw manner. Any intruder, who has gained access to your router, to your modem, or to your ISP’s network hub, can see whatever you’re requesting to the internet without any sweat. If it really doesn’t matter if someone watches you searching for a restaurant, as a matter of fact, they can also watch your private and sensitive data, like credit cards, passwords too. In order to overcome this problem, the internet community came with an idea – The SSL. It encrypts both your request and response (from instance a word “Google” in request or response becomes something like “CdsWf356ynvs”) and protects your data being watched by anyone.

So technically, SSL is a translator. SSL translates the words that we can understand into gibberish which no one can read and understand.

Now, you got a picture of what is an SSL. Now streaming back to the original question, can SSL stop malware attacks? No. It is a common myth that it can, but in truth, no it cannot protect your website from malware attacks.

That’s why out of our years of experience, we vouch for you to use a good web hosting solution that includes a powerful Anti-virus system in place to protect you from these incidents.

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